Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 289

Scripture Passage: Esther 1:1-22
Those Who Dishonour Their Leaders Will Be Dishonoured
There was a feast in Shushan the palace as King Ahasuerus showed the riches of his glorious kingdom. Vashti the queen held a feast for the women in the royal house which belonged to the king. In the midst of the celebrations, the king asked his chamberlains to bring forth Queen Vashti as he desired to show off her beauty. However, Vashti refused to answer the king’s call and this led to her demotion. She openly dishonoured the king who had made her queen and she was openly dishonoured as her place was given to another.
The lesson here is this; those who dishonour their leaders will be dishonoured. Therefore, if we desire to be honoured as leaders, we must honour our leaders and especially those who promoted us into the position of leadership we occupy. A dishonour of them is a form of ingratitude and leads to our disgrace and demotion.
Prayer: Father, help me to honour the leaders in my life.

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