Archive | October 17, 2015

Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 290

Scripture Passage: Esther 1:1-22
Familiarity inevitably leads to dishonour
During the feast in Shushan the palace the king asked his chamberlains to bring forth Queen Vashti as he desired to show off her beauty. However, Vashti refused to answer the king’s call. She was familiar with the king, she had seen him in ways no one else had, therefore she could dishonour him. To her, he was just her husband. But he was much more than that, he was the king.
The lesson here is this; familiarity inevitably leads to dishonour. There is a popular saying that familiarity breeds contempt. This is true. Many are unable to separate relationships. A woman married to the president of a nation must be able to separate her husband from the nation’s leader. When the king sent for Vashti, he did so from the office of the king. He did not send for her as her husband. When she refused him, it became a national matter and not a matrimonial matter.
Prayer: Father, give me wisdom to honour those in authority.