Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 305

Scripture Passage: Matthew 4:17-20
People Readily Follow the Leader Who Will Develop Them
When Jesus called Simon Peter and Andrew, He said, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Instantly, they left their nets and followed Him. They abandoned the familiar. They stepped out of their comfort zone. Why?
The lesson here is this; people readily follow the leader who will develop them. When Jesus asked Simon Peter and Andrew to follow Him, He promised to advance them. With Him, they would be promoted from fishers of fish to fishers of men. He never asked them to help Him accomplish His mission, He only promised to make their lives better. This is why they followed Him. It was all about them and what they stood to gain and never about Him and His vision. Next time you ask people to follow you, tell them what is in it for them. No one cares about you and your vision, people only care about themselves. Therefore, if they will follow you, you must demonstrate that you care about them.
Prayer: Father, give me a heart for people.

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