Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 306

Scripture Passage: Matthew 4:12-13
Wise Leaders Know the Difference Between a Good Thing and The Right Thing
When John was arrested, the Bible says; “Now when Jesus had heard that John was cast into prison, he departed into Galilee.” John was Jesus’ forerunner and cousin. But Jesus did not go to bail him, Jesus relocated to Galilee.
The lesson here is this; wise leaders know the difference between a good thing and the right thing. If Jesus rushed to the aid of John, it would have been a good thing. But it could have led to his arrest and subsequently, an inability to fulfil His vision. Hence it would have been a distraction and certainly not the right thing. Many have been unable to pursue their vision, because their lives were cut short as they meddled in issues that did not concern them, in a bid to help a friend. Wise leaders know that not every good thing is the right thing.
Prayer: Father, give me a discerning heart.

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