Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 313

Scripture Passage: Matthew 9:1-15
Secure Leaders Are Unruffled by Criticism
In the above scripture passage, Jesus was criticised three times. One, when He said to the man with the palsy, “thy sins be forgiven thee.” Two, when He sat at meat with publicans and sinners. And three, because His disciples did not fast. On all three occasions, Jesus remained calm and unperturbed. He did not defend Himself nor did He attack His critics. Rather, He took the opportunity to educate them.
The lesson here is this; secure leaders are unruffled by criticism. Criticism can break a leader’s focus and momentum. But a leader who is secure will take it in his strides, learning what he can from it while pursuing his vision. However, a leader who is insecure and thrives on the validation of others will be devastated by criticism. He may waste precious time in arguments and debates in a bid to regain the people’s approval. Such a leader may have a broken focus and as a result be unable to pursue his vision to a logical conclusion.
Prayer: Father, help me to be a secure leader.

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