Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 317

Scripture Passage: Matthew 27:11-26
Weak Leaders Make Wrong Decisions Out of Fear
When Jesus was brought before Pilate, it was clear He had done no wrong. The Bible says, “For he knew that for envy they had delivered him.” However, Pilate did not have the boldness to set him free. Pilate was afraid of the people’s uproar. Therefore, he delivered an innocent man to be killed. A man died because the leader was weak.
The lesson here is this; weak leaders make wrong decisions out of fear. They know what to do but because they are afraid of the people they lead, so they won’t do it. Such leaders allow the people to manipulate them and get away with evil. Such are unable to stand alone on any matter even when certain that they are right. For them, pleasing those they lead is more important than doing what is right for everyone in the long run.
Prayer: Father, give me the boldness to do what is right even when others do not agree with me.

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