Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 320

Scripture Passage: Mark 3:1-5
Secure Leaders Act Even in the Face of the Fiercest Opposition
One Sabbath day, Jesus entered the synagogue and saw a man with a withered hand. Jesus’ vision included healing the sick, so naturally He would heal the man. But those who opposed His vision and ministry were present and the Bible says, “and they watched him, whether he would heal him on the Sabbath day; that they might accuse him.” However, Jesus said to the man, “stretch forth thine hand.” And thus the man was healed.
The lesson here is this; secure leaders act even in the face of the fiercest opposition. They do not require the validation of others to do what they know to be the right thing. They act because they are secure enough to withstand the criticism that will follow their actions. Secure leaders do not fear criticism nor do they allow it stop them or break their focus. They understand that all leaders will be criticised.
Prayer: Father, help me to act in spite of the opposition.

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