Archive | November 17, 2015

Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 321

Scripture Passage: Mark 5:22-42
Leaders Will Be Mocked
Jesus stepped into the house of Jarius, whose daughter had died, and declared that the girl was not dead but asleep. How did the mourners react? Well, the Bible says, “they laughed him to scorn.” But their mockery did not bother Him. He sent them out and then addressed the young girl who heard and arose, to the astonishment of the mockers.
The lesson here is this; leaders will be mocked. Everyone who is a leader can expect that at some point in their leadership journey they will be mocked. This is because not everyone will believe in their vision, and that is okay, because not everyone is required to believe in their vision. Also, not everyone will buy into their vision. And there will be those who misinterpret the vision. From all these and many more, a leader should expect mockery. Like criticism, mockery can break a leader’s focus and derail his vision. Therefore, leaders must possess boldness and have confidence in self, vision and God.
Prayer: Father, fill me with boldness.