Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 324

Scripture Passage: Luke 1:5-14; 57-63
The Leader Without an Agenda Will Easily Be Misled
Zacharias had a vision that his wife Elisabeth would bear him a son who would be named John. After this he lost his ability to speak and so when John was born, those who attended the naming ceremony, decided that the baby would be called Zacharias. This was not Zacharias’ vision but because he could not speak, the people made a decision for him. He appeared not to have an agenda and the people supplied theirs.
The lesson here is this; the leader without an agenda will easily be misled. This is because everyone has an agenda of their own. And so the leader who appears not to have an agenda of his own, will soon discover that others have railroaded him into an agenda that is foreign to him and not in line with his vision. Therefore, the leader must have an agenda at all times. He must stay one step ahead of the team.
Prayer: Father, help me to stay ahead of those I lead.

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