Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 326

Scripture Passage: Luke 2:41-47
Leaders Are Learners
At the age of twelve, Jesus already knew who He was and why He was on earth. On one occasion, He was discovered in the temple sitting with the religious leaders of that time. He knew He was the saviour of the world but He was not in the temple to teach those present. Rather, the Bible says that He was hearing them and asking them questions. Simply put, Jesus, the greatest leader that ever walked the face of the earth, was learning.
The lesson here is this; leaders are learners. And they learn by listening to others and asking questions. Those who never allow others speak and those who never ask questions, miss the opportunity to learn what they do not know. Never assume you know anything. Allow others to speak and hear them out so that you can learn what they already know. Ask questions so that you may receive answers and by so doing increase your knowledge.
Prayer: Father, help me to listen more, talk less and ask more questions.

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