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Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 341

Lessons from the Life of Dr Ernest Azudialu (Part 1)
Scenario: Ernest was about seven years old when the Nigerian Civil War started. He endured hardship with his mother who would go to Ufesi a neighbouring village to cultivate cassava and other food seedlings and then proceed to Urasi area to fetch water. Ernest joined her in these tasks. Some days, his mother would go to the farm alone as Ernest was required at home to prepare meals for his siblings and mind them in his mother’s absence. As a young child Ernest was a blessing to his mother. He was very diligent in carrying out his house chores and his mother could depend on him to assist her in looking after his younger siblings.
Lesson: Very often people ask the question, “Are leaders born or made?” My response is this; everyone is born but leaders are made. And leaders are made by responsibility; especially from an early age and with something as simple as house chores. The child who is taught to take responsibility for himself and others from an early age will grow up naturally taking responsibility for others. And leadership is all about taking responsibility, first for oneself and then for others. Ernest did not only take responsibility for himself at an early age, he also took responsibility for his siblings. In John Maxwell’s book, “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”, the leadership guru talks about The Law of Process. This law states that leadership develops daily and not in a day. Also, leaders are reliable and dependable. And they do not require supervision in the discharge of the tasks that have been assigned to them.