Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 342

ernest_azudialu 1
Photo taken from the internet

Lessons from the Life of Dr Ernest Azudialu (Part 2)

Scenario: One day, there was an incidence that would have cost young Ernest his life. His mother, Mary, with a baby on her back, and Ernest in tow, boarded a canoe from Okija to her farm at Ufesi. As the journey progressed, water gradually entered the boat. Ernest, began to scoop the water out of the boat with his hands. The other passengers who presumed that the boat would capsize jumped out and lost their lives. However, Mary, Ernest, and the baby on Mary’s back remained in the boat and were preserved because eventually, the boat did not capsize.

Lesson: Leaders do not abandon ship at the first sign of trouble. They are not quitters. Leaders have the mental strength to stay on long after everyone else has thrown in the towel. The ship may be a dream, an idea, or an organisation. When things go wrong and the ship begins to sink, the leader looks for ways to save the ship and everyone in it. Followers take the first escape route to save themselves. However, leaders are usually selfless so their immediate preoccupation is to rescue the entire ship and everyone in it from going under. Also, leaders use what is available and waste no time lamenting what is unavailable. Ernest used his hands to scoop water out of the boat. That was all he had and he put it to use.

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