Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 343

Lessons from the Life of Dr Ernest Azudialu (Part 3)

Scenario: As the war progressed, Ernest showed signs of being a brave child. There was a practice in his family during this period, as early as 5am, the entire extended family would go out to pick cherry fruits that had dropped under the tree. They went out and returned home in a group. Ernest was not satisfied with this arrangement. He wanted to get more cherries for himself and his immediate family and decided to go out on his own to pick the cherry fruits before anyone got up. As early as 3am, while it was still dark and everyone was in bed, he would wake his younger brother Emmanuel and together they would go out to pick the cherry fruits and sneak back quietly to the house and lie down before it was time for the group to go out and pick the fruits. That way they got a double portion since they picked twice, while others picked once.

Lesson: Leaders do not wish for what they want, rather, they work for it. They understand that wishes are useless and they know too well the popular proverb that if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. They understand that if you want anything you must go out and get it as wishing will leave you at the same spot but working will always bring you one step closer to your desire. Leaders like Ernest know that nothing of value drops in your lap and you have to be willing to experience some personal inconvenience to get it. Ernest went out at a time of the day when people were still in their beds and adults would be afraid to step out (and rightly so). But leaders like Ernest understand that while it is okay to be afraid it is not okay to let fear lead you by determining what you can and cannot do and when you do it. Men like Ernest do what they do in spite of fear. They are like the airplane that takes off against the wind.

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