Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 344

Lessons from the Life of Dr Ernest Azudialu (Part 4)

Scenario: One day, something unusual happened. Ernest and Emmanuel were moving about in the bush trying to locate the cherry tree when they noticed a wild animal not too far from where they stood. It was not in the same class as the animals that they were used to and so they could not identify it except to say that it was a wild animal. Ernest noticed the fear in his brother’s posture and was certain that he would scream out and draw the animal’s attention. He quickly covered Emmanuel’s mouth even as he dragged him to hide behind a tree. Fortunately, the animal did not see them and went its way.

Lesson: Leaders require courage to achieve their vision as there are always wild animals lurking around on the journey to vision accomplishment. Great leaders recognise this truth and as such they remain calm in the face of danger. In his book, “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”, John C. Maxwell lists courage as one of the top six ways that leaders gain respect. According to him, “Good leaders do what’s right, even at the risk of failure, in the face of great danger and under the brunt of relentless criticism.” And in “The 21 Qualities of a Leader”, he lists courage amongst the qualities a leader should have. He says, “One person with courage is a majority.”

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