Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 345

ernest_azudialu 1

Lessons from the Life of Dr Ernest Azudialu (Part 5)
Scenario: During this holiday apprenticeship under his father, Ernest also learnt how to write invoices and this he began to do quite well from his class one. As he spent time in his father’s shop he began to seek ways to transform the business the same way he had transformed his mother’s hawking business. He also noticed that his father, because of lack formal education was not only unable to read and write, but also had trouble counting money and adding up figures. Therefore, Ernest decided to help him as much as he could. Another issue that bothered him was the fact that his father bought his goods from middle men. Ernest was of the opinion that the business would improve if the middlemen were cut off and products purchased directly from the manufacturers. He raised this issue with his father who explained that he would be able to do that if he was educated but that his lack of education had him incapacitated in that regard. Ernest never one to look for reasons but results took the packing of the products his father sold copied out the addresses and began to write the manufacturers. The manufacturers replied and sent goods directly to Ernest’s father for sale and even went a step further to travel down to Nigeria to pay a visit to Ernest and his father. After this visit Ernest’s father’s business moved to another level, as goods were coming in from England directly.
Lesson: leaders do not make or accept excuses. They always look for a way to get what they want. Leaders are observant so they usually see things that others miss. In his book, “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”, John C. Maxwell talks about The Law of Intuition. Here he says, “Leaders Are Readers of Their Situation – leaders pick up on details that might elude others. They sense people’s attitudes. They are able to detect the chemistry of a team. They know the situation before they have all the facts.” Also, leaders seek ways to bring transformation. John C. Maxwell’s The Law of Addition says, “Leaders add value by serving others.” leaders do not leave things the way they meet them. Ernest did not leave his father’s business at the level he met it. Leaders are agents of change.

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