Archive | December 15, 2016

Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 349

Scripture Passage: Matthew 2:7-16

A Bad Leader Will Keep His Title and Position Even If He Must Commit Mass Murder.

When the wise men failed to return to Herod, and inform him of the location of the young child, Jesus, Herod decided to find the child himself and destroy him. His guess work attempt to eliminate Jesus, led to the mass murder of countless children from two years old and under. Unknown to him, the child he sought to kill had fled and was hiding in Egypt.

The lesson here is this; A bad leader will keep his title and position even if he must commit mass murder. He killed a great number of children for nothing, and in the process brought untold sorrow to their families and the entire community. These people looked to Herod, as their leader, to protect them from harm but he destroyed them in a bid to secure his position. His leadership position was far more important to him than the lives of those he led. The truth is this; a bad leader does not love people. A bad leader loves things and sacrifices people to get them, or keep them.

Prayer: Father, help me to understand that the rise of another does not mean my downfall.