Archive | December 23, 2016

Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 357

Scripture Passage: Matthew 16:13-18

Great Leaders See People Not as They Are but As They Can Be

Peter was the man who would deny Jesus before a little girl but Jesus looked past that to see the man who would preach a single message that would bring three thousand souls into the kingdom in one day. And so, Jesus said, “thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church.

The lesson here is this; Great leaders see people not as they are but as they can be. When great leaders look at people, they see potential! Great leaders see people as they can be. Anybody can see a person as they are but it takes a great leader to see what they can become. Great leaders see the potentials in those they lead. And great leaders work tirelessly to develop those potentials. As a leader, it is imperative that you see and develop potential in those you lead.

Prayer: Father, help me to see and develop potential in those I lead.