Leadership Lessons Daily: Day 359

Scripture Passage: None

The People Will Live Up to Their Leader’s Expectation of Them

Today, I was in church for a double celebration. It was our Christmas day service. It was also our end of the month / year thanksgiving service. The church was unusually full as three services were merged into one service. As the service was coming to an end, the pastor appealed to members to be orderly as they left the premises and take instructions from members of the traffic control department. He said something like this, “I know you are orderly people and that is why I am pleased to be your pastor. If you see any visitor breaking being disorderly please tell them that we don’t behave that way here.” In others words he was expressing confidence in his people to behave well. And they did.

The lesson here is this; the people will live up to their leader’s expectation of them. This works whatever that expectation may be. If you’re a leader who expresses confidence in your people to behave properly, they will strive not to let you down. And if you are a leader who expresses a lack of confidence in your people to behave properly, they will also strive not to let you down. So, what is it going to be leaders?

Prayer: Father, help me to be a leader that expresses confidence in those I lead.

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