DOZ That Inspire You – Melanie D Phillips

Melanie D Phillips is the guest in this episode of DOZ Show. She is a writer, speaker, published author, entrepreneur and founder of Strengthen The Bond, an organization that offers opportunities and outlets for Mothers and Daughters to Connect, Grow, Heal and Celebrate each other while strengthening their bond. In this interview, Melanie shares her journey through a divorce which was unexpected, left her devastated but at the same time birth a ministry that is now blessing others. Listen and be inspired to find purpose even in the midst of pain.

3 thoughts on “DOZ That Inspire You – Melanie D Phillips

  1. I spent time to listen for the first time since the inception of this programme. I am impressed by the quality of inspirational messages shared on this platform. The presentation and delivery were excellent. Now I have seen the quality, I would feel confident to share your link with my contacts. May the good Lord bless you and bestow on you the required grace for the tasks.

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