DOZ Show Episode 44 – Davinia James

Davinia James is a phenomenal young woman and she is the guest in this episode of DOZ Show. She is a Global Citizen and founder of Pennies4girls a project through which she has raised money to send over 280 girls to school in several developing countries. She is a youth advocate who desires to make a positive impact on the world in her own way. Davinia believes that although pennies and girls are viewed by many as being without value, a penny is not just a penny and a girl is not just a girl. Listen and be inspired as this amazing woman shares her journey of using seemingly worthless pennies to help give an education and a future to girls in developing nations who are more often than not perceived as worthless.

4 thoughts on “DOZ Show Episode 44 – Davinia James

  1. This is a great story. Very inspiring, indeed. The pennies and the girls are quite related in that they are less valued. Pennies4Girls Education Project is a bold statement of hope to the world. This episode of DOZ Show is very special and practical.

    Thank you, Minister Eturvie, for bringing Davinia on the Show. Hope this further amplifies her good works and also enlightens many on how to treat girls and Pennies in our time. The comparison is striking. The abuse should be stopped.

    Making a difference in the world by giving away Pennies to send girls to school. “Drops of water make an ocean.” Awesome! Simply amazing!

    This has really blessed me and instructs me NOT to neglect the days of little beginning. To have the right attitude to things that are traditionally neglected because of size or value placement.

    Determination. Consistency. Commitment. Rewards.

    Pastor Sam.

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  2. Great work you are doing Sista with your education projects and praise GOD for our Sista for creating this platform.

    I am very supportive about the future developments of our girls. They are the future Queens in the midst of a chaotic world. GOD has endowed our girls and women with a great responsibility to outlast our generations hence the importance of nurturing them carefully to recognise their great honour.

    Education is good but we must carefully look into what kind of education suitable for our girls as well as our boys.

    Is the education going to help recognise who they actually are and where they come from. Is the present education a reality check or an education that promotes an agenda that serves only the system that belittles where they came from without awakening the real education of teaching our young the truth that was hidden from us. Only what demeaning us is taught to our children but not what elevates them. In the remotes parts of Africa lessons are taught without any reference to that remotes area but to an alien area thousands of miles away. That can’t be education. It’s miseduction tainted with indoctrination.

    Our children present school educations makes them admires and appreciates what is not theirs and debunked what should have been theirs. Thus we owed our children to raise that reality checks otherwise we face a huge struggles.

    The good news is some parents single or marriage are waking up to the reality education. Barbie dolls look nice but ours are nicer too..

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