DOZ Show Episode 118 – Oreme Brenda Iyede

Oreme Brenda Iyede is the guest in this episode of DOZ Show. While she was pregnant with her second child someone made a statement that caused Oreme to feel shame. Unknown to her, the embarrassment she felt because of her pregnancy was outright rejection of her unborn child, and would cause him to feel unwanted, unloved, and alienated, right from the womb. As time progressed, the same child would become rebellious, aggressive, defiant, and depressed and Oreme would reach her breaking point. But then, she discovered the conception to birth ministry and his journey to healing began, as did hers; she could dream again and pursue her dreams. And from the distressing journey with her son, came a discovery of her purpose. In the capacity of a Speaker and Coach, she is now reaching out to other parents and individuals, to help them find healing, acceptance, and their true identity. Listen as Oreme shares the challenging experiences with her son and how she overcame. Be inspired to triumph over adversity.

2 thoughts on “DOZ Show Episode 118 – Oreme Brenda Iyede

  1. Hi Brenda, ur story touched me. Thank God ur agony and pains are a thing of the past. We thank God ur son is well behaved now and sees and loves u as his mom. I knew we as women can communicated with the unborn child but I never knew they could feel rejection at such an early age!! Waohhhh! Thank u so much for sharing ur story. This wil help others in this situation. Now I know I am to show love non stop to my unborn and born children. We keep learning everyday. Awesome God!!
    Thank you.

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  2. This is so packed with helpful information for individuals, families and professionals. From start to finish, it was creatively rendered. Moses and Jesus made my day. And it is amazing to green from Brenda’s true life story how a simple spiritual ministration could handle a problem that had defied all parental and professional help and guidance. I must also add that people don’t fully get to change their predicament until they discover and accept their reality. And then take responsibility. Only from that point are they able to grow positively. Self denial stunts growth. Brenda’s vision and mission is a great one because Rejection is at the root of depression, suicides and other behavioral dysfunctions many go through today, in society. I thank you, Eturuvie Erebor, for doing what do and doing it in the spirit of excellence. I have been deeply blessed by this particular episode.

    -Sam Chivor

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