DOZ Show Episode 119 – Rose Foster

Rose Foster is the guest in this episode of DOZ Show. She is a qualified Christian Coach who serves women who are undergoing or have undergone abuse by providing one on one support and facilitating group counselling with them. Having experienced overwhelming domestic abuse herself, she understands how devastating and denigrating life can be for victims of abuse and she seeks to give women who have travelled or who are travelling the dark road of abuse, courage, hope, and a voice. Rose shares her story of pain and horror at church events, sisterhood gatherings and other local outreach events. In her quest to share hope, strength and coping strategies with as many women as possible, she is now training with the Croydon Council to take up a new volunteering role as a Community Champion for abuse victims. She also champions several outreach programmes for women and young people who suffer abuse and exclusion. Listen as Rose shares her story of rebuilding her life following marriage to a narcissist. Be inspired to rebuild your life after a setback!

2 thoughts on “DOZ Show Episode 119 – Rose Foster

  1. This is very educative as always. Psychological abuse in marriage relationships is usually subtle and most people take it lightly since there may be no noted physical violence. But Rose has given some good hints on how to spot this kind of abuse and take cover early enough using self-love. For me, my take home as a husband is that when I start doing those things Rose’s ex-husband was doing, such as imposing my opinions on her or focusing only on the things she hasn’t done while never appreciating and commending her for the many good things and chores she may have done, that I should be alerted that I am sliding into an abuse and should quickly break away from that and do the right thing. I’m really blessed listening to this edition. Indeed, healthy relationships and marriage require that we show maturity and use some necessary tools in dealing with our spouses. That way we will be real to each other and not fake niceness. Thank you, Eturuvie, for always doing an excellent job. God bless you. I love the DOZ SHOW!

    Sam Chivor (Lagos, Nigeria)


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