DOZ Show Episode 120 – RoxAnne Triche

RoxAnne Triche is the guest in this episode of DOZ Show. She is a certified “Internal Empowerment Coach” a Motivational Speaker and Author. She is also the Executive Vice President of Internal Empowerment, Inc and serves as a Master Facilitator. She provides coaching to businesses, leaders, and front-line personnel. She has served as a leader and trainer in teamwork and conflict resolution in Corporate America, for 23 years and consults with corporations and public and private organizations regarding various business, staffing, and management needs. She is co-author of the books Scripture Therapy and Choice Theory and Self-Counseling with STACT. Listen to RoxAnne share her passion for the work she does and be inspired to pursue purpose and live your best life.

One thought on “DOZ Show Episode 120 – RoxAnne Triche

  1. This is good stuff. The ending of the story of the Big man who started polishing and selling apples made my day! Indeed, most people up there trying to motivate some people down there usually don’t tell the true story behind their financial fortune. Internal Empowerment is priceless. I have been encouraged and better strengthened in my personal journey by this episode of DOZ SHOW with RoxAnne. In my book – Against All Odds, Never Give Up On Yourself – in the second chapter, I talked about the Odds of Environment, and opined that there are several external factors that may try to limit us in the society, no matter who we are and where we live. But that we have total control over our internal environment and should take charge of same. The goal is to change our world from the inside out. To get clear about what we want, keep our mind on it and then pursue same through self mastery powered by a positive mindset. RoxAnne did talk about the strategy of asking their clients prompting questions that enable them reach deep into themselves for the answers they need. This encourages self advice which is the best advice anyone can get. I love the way they have structured their programs and how effective it has been in transforming lives, especially for those in correctional facilities. The Scripture Therapy aspect is amazing, though she didn’t mention how that works, and that makes them very similar to John C. Maxwell’s but they are unique in their own way. I’m grateful to be part of DOZ Network and I really love DOZ SHOW. Thank you Eturuvie for what you do, and especially for always doing it with the spirit of excellence. God bless you.

    Sam Chivor
    Lagos, Nigeria.


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