DOZ Show Episode 128 – Deidra Roussaw

Deidra Roussaw is founder of TrulyWed Wives, a wives ministry educating and training wives through wife coaching, retreats & conferences, wives night out, savvy wife toolbox, romance concierge, signaturized slumber parties, WifeStyle Mentoring Program, group and private one on one WifePrenuer Leadership Classes, and Public Relations for WifeCEOs. She has helped a large number of wives with her astounding skills and knowledge. She is in addition author of a book she compiled with over 50 other wives titled, “Wives on Fire!” And she is a co-founder of TWOgether Marriages alongside her husband, Minister Dwight Roussaw. Listen as Deidra shares how her work with wives continues to enrich lives, hers as well as theirs. She has found success by helping others succeed. Be inspired to serve your way to success.

One thought on “DOZ Show Episode 128 – Deidra Roussaw

  1. I love DOZ Show. Every episode is unique and highly informative. Each new episode of DOZ Show starts with a new joke – this one which is about the man and his wife who both had some confession to make after their wedding really got me. And guests are not repeated or are hardly so. It’s creative and very innovative. Having a fresh blood come on the show each time to share their experiences and lessons is most encouraging. Deira, no doubt, is doing a great work, with her husband. This is a uniquely structured marriage ministry. And I can really feel her positive energy and so much passion to encourage and help wives become their best versions – to “fight for their marriages” and to go from good to great. Deira has a number of remarkable lines from her pastor. And I like that a lot because when people give credit where it is due, they are appreciating the little things that make life credible and beautiful. Minister Dwight is blessed. And I’m not surprised because she is a practitioner who teaches what she lives. Eturuvie Erebor – the Host – is an amazing lady whose life and works reflect excellence on every dimension. She is not perfect, but she is the most consistent person I have been privileged to meet so far. And as it is said, “Consistency is the hallmark of excellence.” Thank you, Eturuvie, for your dedication. Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for keeping your promise every other Thursday. And thank you for being a credible leader worthy of emulation. Keep on inspiring lives! I am blessed by your works!


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