DOZ Unleashed

DOZ Unleashed…discovering purpose, releasing pain, sharing stories and celebrating victories.

DOZ Unleashed is for vision, mentorship, and direction. It is about raising women to become leaders in the area of their calling and assignment. It is about providing them with the resource to help them on the journey, inspiring them with stories of other women and what they have achieved. And above all, it is about giving them a safe place to share their struggles and receive guidance; share their victories and be celebrated. It is about standing by the woman until she becomes everything she was created to be.

DOZ Unleashed…. nothing changes your level like your circle. Want to change your level? Change your circle.

Mondays at 9 pm GMT.

Dial-in number (GB): 0330 088 1935

Access code: 623-186-638#

International dial-in numbers:

Online meeting ID: eturuvieerebor

Join the online meeting: