DOZ Network

DOZ Network is a Christian fellowship and international charitable organisation for all women. Join DOZ Network (group) on Facebook

DOZ Network Vision Statement

We wish to motivate and empower women to face challenges in their lives with great strength and hope through a balanced community support system.

DOZ Network Mission Statement

We would like to make our world a secure and beautiful place for women by empowering them through education and skills development; and opposing discrimination, exploitation and crime against women.

What is the Purpose of DOZ Network?

DOZ Network wants to empower all women so they can maximize their potential and fulfil their destiny. Every woman is born for something, and we are all bursting with the potential to actualize that something, whatever it may be. There is no such thing as a ‘useless woman.’ However, a woman who has no training or support, be it spiritual, emotional or financial, may not be able to maximize her potential, and therefore will be unable to fulfil her destiny. That’s where the DOZ Network comes in.

Who Can Be Part of DOZ Network?

Any woman, regardless of religion, race, tribe, nationality, and location, can join DOZ Network. DOZ Network exists to support all women. Our vision is to reach out to every woman in every corner of the earth.

What is Required of Our Members?

All members must:

  • Be female. Men who wish to be part of the network should contact Eturuvie Erebor for the Friends of DOZ Network form.
  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Empathize with our Christian ethos.
  • Attend scheduled trainings.
  • Inform other women of the network and the opportunities it offers.
  • Inform network leadership about women who require the network’s support.
  • Pray for the network.

To join the DOZ Network, please contact Eturuvie Erebor using the Contact Us page. Please, also state if you would like to be part of the DOZ Powerhouse.




Armed with the shield of faith and the sword of the Spirit we shall prevail

DOZ Power House

At DOZ Network, we believe that the best support we can give to one another is spiritual; hence, the establishment of DOZ Power House which is the prayer arm of DOZ Network. This is the intercessors’ group that meets to pray for members of the network at least once a week via teleconference.

Members of the powerhouse receive prayer points regularly via email and are expected to incorporate them into their personal prayer time if unable to join the teleconference for any reason.

To join the DOZ Power House, please state your interest in the comment section of the contact form below. Please note that becoming a member of the DOZ Network does not make you a member of the powerhouse unless you indicate your interest. Also, joining the powerhouse is not compulsory for members of the DOZ Network.