Leadership Lunch and Learn

Would you love to spend an hour during your lunch break surrounded by like-minded women listening to an inspiring story of a female achiever? If your answer is yes, then join Eturuvie “Evie” Erebor at 12.00 GMT for Leadership Lessons Lunch and Learn.

Beyond listening to an inspiring story, you will learn from it as Evie uncovers the lessons learned and helps you apply them to your unique circumstances.

Leadership Lessons Lunch and Learn is a series of virtual meetings held for an hour during lunchtime. The meetings are designed for mentorship, training, personal growth, and development. The aim is to help women gain vision, direction, purpose, inspiration, clarity, and energy.

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Leadership Lessons Lunch and Learn Day 1 focused on the inspirational story of Joy Mangano, an American businesswoman, inventor, and creator of the self-wringing Miracle Mop. Like everyone else, Joy started with a dream.

Lesson – “Everyone starts with a dream of what life will be like for them. But as people grow older and are surrounded by those who found it challenging to accomplish their own desires and who will make it their business to let them know at every turn that their dreams are beyond their reach, they begin to believe that it is impossible to accomplish their goals, and so they settle for less. They give up the desire to live and begin to make a living like everyone else.”

Leadership Lessons Lunch and Learn Day 2 focused on the inspirational story of The Pancake Lady – a single mother who sold pancakes to bring her family out of the economic depression in her nation and into great wealth.

Lesson – “Great women never know what they are capable of until they try. The Pancake Lady initially shrunk back in fear, she said she had no gift to trade. But then the same woman sparked an economic revival that affected her entire nation. How awesome is that?

Leadership Lessons Lunch and Learn is a DOZ Unleashed initiative.

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