About Eturuvie Erebor

Eturuvie Erebor (AKA Gabriella), is British by birth and Nigerian by descent. She is an inspirational and self-growth speaker, writer, publisher and talk show host who is incredibly passionate about transforming the lives of women and youth, not only in Nigeria and the United Kingdom but across the world.

 Eturuvie has been speaking to women and youth groups in churches and schools since 2004, and has led her own powerful seminar series titled “Preparing to Cleave with Gabriella.”

As a writer, she has inspired many with her articles and books. From 2004 to 2007, her article series, “Preparing to Cleave” was published on the Christian page of the Vanguard Newspaper in Nigeria. Her articles have also been published in various newsletters and magazines, as well as online at FaithWriters.Com. She is also a published author of nineteen books. Some of her books include, “Inspired to Win,” “The Making of a Leader”, “Me, My Husband and My In-Laws”, “Giants Give Birth to Giants: The Impact of a Mentor”, “Leadership Lessons from the Life of Jesus”, “Leadership Lessons from the Life of Moses”, “Leadership Lessons from the Life of David” and “Leadership Lessons from the Life of Saul.”

Eturuvie is a “comeback kid,” and has recently broken free of a cycle of domestic violence, deceit, betrayal, and divorce. Because of her personal experience, she is more determined to add value to the lives of her fellow women by helping them realise and maximise their potential and to fulfil their destinies – hence her initiative, “DOZ Network.”

In February 2014, Eturuvie took her passion for speaking, to a new level by becoming an Independent Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach with the John Maxwell Team. Since joining the John Maxwell Team, Eturuvie has established Taking the Lead webinars, seminars, and workshops. These meetings help participants gain vision, clarity, purpose, inspiration, and energy. She hosts “Leadership Lessons from the Lives of Great Women,” a seminar specifically for women.

She writes and publishes DOZ Magazine, DOZ Devotional, and DOZ Chronicles. She is the founder of DOZ Network, and she hosts, DOZ Show.