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DOZ is an inspirational magazine for women. It is issued monthly for the purpose of inspiring and empowering women, to discover and walk in their purpose, bounce back from adversity and live life to the fullest. This is achieved by sharing the amazing inspiring stories of other women. What’s more, it is a celebration of womanhood. Visit

DOZ Issue 50 December 2019

DiAnne Malone is a writer and the founder of the blog, Who’s That Lady? She shares her writing journey, which began at the age of three when she fell in love with words. Crystal and Pierre Dunn are our DOZ Show Preferred Guest and share their love story of getting married , getting divorced, and getting married again. DOZ Leadership Lessons and DOZ Inspirational Biography are packed with inspiration and there’s more…

DOZ Issue 49 November 2019

Delene Musielak: physician, mother of triplets, wife of a surgeon, author, and host of The Dr. Mom Show. Our DOZ Show Preferred Guest, Rachel Osinaike, inspires us with her bounce-back story. And there’s more inspiration in DOZ Leadership Lessons and DOZ Inspirational Biography.

DOZ Issue 48 October 2019

Bonita Parker opens up about her total recovery from stage four cancer. Read the inspiring interview of our DOZ Show Preferred Guest, Anika Stewart, who chose to live when confronted with death. Irene Jones shares her experience with domestic violence and there’s DOZ Leadership Lessons, DOZ Inspirational Biography and much more inside…

DOZ Issue 47 September 2019

Dr. Yolanda Jerry, a retired air-force veteran, shares her inspirational journey from victim to victor of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Read the inspiring interview with Sarah Wonders, composer of Champions Anthem, and our DOZ Show Preferred Guest. Also read DOZ Leadership Lessons and DOZ Inspirational Biography. And there’s more…

DOZ Issue 46 August 2019

Meg Nocero was a United States Federal Attorney for nearly two decades but walked away from the security, glamour, and prestige of the job in pursuit of her dreams. Read the inspiring interview with Dr. Leslie Hodge, our DOZ Show Preferred Guest. And there’s DOZ Leadership Lessons, DOZ Inspirational Biography and much more.

DOZ Issue 45 July 2019

Helen Cummings Henry is transforming lives and changing the world one woman at a time. Also read the inspiring interview with our DOZ Show Preferred Guest, Gee Patchett as she uncovers the horrors of child sexual abuse. And there’s DOZ Leadership Lessons and DOZ Inspirational Biography.

DOZ Issue 44 June 2019

King Ashley Ann of Ashley Ann’s Events is one of the most sought-after designers in the South of America and inspires us with her journey to success. Also read the inspiring interview with our DOZ Show Preferred Guest, Sarah Fehr. And there’s DOZ Leadership Lessons and DOZ Inspirational Biography plus more.

DOZ Issue 43 May 2019

Dr. Marsie Ross is the self-care crusader who inspires women to embrace self-care without guilt or apology! Read the inspiring interview with our DOZ Show Preferred Guest: Mrs. Florence Agbugui. Also read DOZ Leadership Lessons and DOZ Inspirational Biography.

DOZ Issue 42 April 2019

Kenise Etwaru opens up on life after divorce and the journey to writing her book, The Good Wife and The Other Woman. Uche Anyanwagu MD, PhD is blazing a trail. See also DOZ Leadership Lessons and DOZ Inspirational Biography.

DOZ Issue 41 March 2019

At the age of nine, Elder Nicole S. Mason Esq knew she wanted to be a lawyer. But years later, she would apply to law school nine times and be rejected nine times. Also read DOZ Leadership Lessons and DOZ Inspirational Biography.

DOZ Issue 40 February 2019

Jessica Mosley inspires with her journey of going from abused and homeless to Vice President of the Bank and Founder of MizCEO. See also, DOZ Inspirational Biography and DOZ Leadership Lessons.

DOZ Issue 39 January 2019

She thought she would be a doctor but fell in love with music. Omo Bello is a highly sought after soprano performing in operas around the world and loving it. Read the leadership lessons taken from the life of Margaret Thatcher and much more….

DOZ Issue 38 December 2018

Philicia Baugh Pringle was a teenage mother whose refusal to become another statistic brought her irrefutable success and the life and man of her dreams. Also see DOZ Leadership Lessons and DOZ Inspirational Biography and much more….

DOZ Issue 37 November 2018

Leia Baez opens up about her divorce and sleeping in her childhood bedroom once again. It was a ‘demotion’ that would ultimately lead to a promotion. And see DOZ Leadership Lessons and DOZ Inspirational Biography and many more inspirational stories in this issue.

DOZ Issue 36 October 2018

Former fashion model, Katrina McCain, opens up about life as a model, retirement, and giving back to the world. And there’s more inspiration inside.

DOZ Issue 35 September 2018

Ruva Ngundu was molested and became pregnant. She was traumatised and devastated. But out of her pain came a ministry that would support single women and mothers. And there’s more inspirational stories that will uplift you.

DOZ Issue 34 August 2018

When Victoria Ibe’s son was born with Down Syndrome, she came to realise that having a child with special needs was not because of anything she had done wrong but because of the things God would have her do right. And there’s lots of inspirational stories inside.

DOZ Issue 33 July 2018

Cynthia Wilson James brings to life, Ecclesiastes 3:1. She married at age 40, conceived the old-fashioned way and gave birth at age 42 and 44 to two beautiful, healthy baby girls. Then she launched InSeason Mom to support expectant moms over 35 and 40. And there’s a host of exciting inspirational stories inside this issue.

DOZ Issue 32 June 2018

Hope LeNoir lost her mother when she was seven months old. As she grew older, a desire to understand why she was still here, led to the discovery of her purpose and a journey to help others uncover theirs. And there’s more inspiration inside….

DOZ Issue 31 May 2018

When her son’s life hung in the balance years ago, Betty Parker waged war on the enemy called fear. Then she wrote a book which helped other mothers get victory as well. And there’s more inside…

DOZ Issue 30 April 2018

As Adrienne Hicks Everett waited to be crowned Ms. US Continental, God reminded her that she had always been a queen, she had only forgotten who she was. And there’s more inside…

DOZ Issue 29 March 2018

At age four, Mary Alison Momoh was fascinated and captivated by the choir singing in a makeshift church across the street from her house, and fancied herself a singer. Today, she is living her dream. This issue also contains inspirational articles and more…

DOZ Issue 28 February 2018

When Angela Lewis-Wright retired from a career of teaching, she thought she would begin to do leisurely things but then a brand new career as a model and actress opened up much to her surprise. And there is more inside…

DOZ Issue 27 January 2018

Yolanda Schlabach uncovers the reality of sex-trafficking in the State of Delaware. She reveals the process by which girls are trapped, and eventually lose their independent identity and Christie Spurling is inspiring and empowering young people with his own experiences . Plus more inside.

DOZ Issue 26 December 2017

For 30 years Wanda Jo Taylor lived like a man, attended gay clubs, was a player and a pimp until Jesus stepped in and delivered her. And Kunle Sonuga is not ashamed to be called a male feminist.

DOZ Issue 25 November 2017

Terry Gobanga was gangraped and stabbed on her wedding day. Seven months later, she married. One month later, she was widowed. A chapter had ended, but another was about to begin. And Steve Harris is a two-time college dropout who becomes an inspirational corporate sellout.

DOZ Issue 24 October 2017

Aiwan Obinyan is a movie director and producer who has successfully produced one movie on a zero budget. She demonstrates that it is possible to achieve your dreams without money in the bank. And Lulu Anthony is advancing against the odds and inspiring all.

DOZ Issue 23 September 2017

She waited over two decades to have a baby, suffered paralysis, endured multiple surgeries, died, went to heaven and witnessed the heavenly choir sing. Aity Dennis is a victor and walking testimony of God’s goodness. And our DOZman Inspiration numero uno, Samson Iyayi inspires men to greater family leadership.

DOZ Issue 22 August 2017

Mollie Patterson’s life has been characterised by pain, heartbreak, abusive relationships, and HIV/AIDS. But more importantly, it has been held together, preserved and restored, by a God who is loving, powerful, faithful and merciful. And there’s more inside

DOZ Issue 21 July 2017

Ebony Perkins is The Philanthropist Next Door. She helps people help people. And she desires to show you how to support the cause you are passionate about, without being a multi-millionaire. And there’s more inside…

DOZ Issue 20 June 2017

In one day, Tai Ikomi lost her husband and three children due to the carelessness of a drunk driver. She opens up on life after her loss, her journey from anger to forgiveness, and God’s faithfulness. This issue also includes Leadership Lessons from the Life of Abigail, the phenomenal woman who kept the enemy at bay. And there’s more inside…

DOZ Issue 19 May 2017

Jennifer Workman is a remarkable woman who wears many different hats. One minute, she’s an inspirational writer, and the next, she’s a prison evangelist, and the list goes on…

DOZ Issue 18 April 2017

Sheun Oke is much more than the Wellness Apostle. She is SUPER woman on a mission to raise women as leaders and help them confidently raise the next generation of leaders. And there’s more inside…

DOZ Issue 17 March 2017

Prophetess Maribel Cintron, left home at 12, was pregnant and living on the streets at 15, and a mother of three at 19. She went from rags, gangs and drugs, to the pulpit. And there’s more…

DOZ Issue 16 February 2017

Ria’s father told her that she was God’s gift to him so he wouldn’t commit adultery. For seven years, he sexually abused her. Ria Story shares her compelling story of sexual abuse and God’s redemption

DOZ Issue 15 January 2017

Joyce Dias turned down an arranged marriage because she believed in prince charming and happily ever after.After being dumped for the third time, God wrote her perfect love story.


DOZ Issue 14 December 2016

In this issue, Charisa Munroe speaks about life without her parents, Dr. Myles and Mrs. Ruth Munroe, her memories of them and the values they taught her. And there is more inside.

DOZ Issue 13 November 2016

In this issue, meet Pastor Adenike Lamai of Hadassah Healing Foundation. She has been called the Kathryn Kuhlman of this generation. Find out why.

DOZ Issue 12 October 2016

In this issue, Dr Aday Adetosoye talks about her work with orphaned and vulnerable children in the continent of Africa. Hers is a story that you definitely want to read. And there’s more inside…


DOZ Issue 11 September 2016

This issue features an exclusive chat with Ms Clara, star actress in the Christian movie WAR ROOM. Plus a good number of articles from our contributors that you will find intriguing. They include: Leadership Lessons from the Daughters of Zelophehad A Twist in the Branch – A Devotion and Recipe! Much More than a Promise Easy Natural Ways to Get Long, Young and Healthy Hair Does God Dwell in Your Home? Glorifying God in our Bodies