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DOZ Show is a weekly radio talk show that seeks to help all women walk in their God-given purpose and fulfil destiny by exposing them to amazing inspirational stories of other women. Listen to this fast-paced, half-hour of inspiration for Christian and non-Christian women. DOZ Magazine publisher, Eturuvie Erebor lines up inspirational interviews for each episode. You’ll gain insight into how to maximise your potentials, discover your call, bounce back from adversity, etc. Whether you’re a Christian or non-Christian woman, single or married, this is your show! Each episode will bring you closer to walking in your purpose. Check out Eturuvie Erebor and DOZ Show on DOZ Radio and Read more inspirational interviews in DOZ Magazine DOZ Show is released on Thursdays at 8pm GMT as a blog post on and as a scheduled programme on DOZ Radio. 


Wendy Addae is the guest in this episode of DOZ Show. She is a minister of the gospel and co-founder of Women of Vision and Passion, a ministry that guides young women in their walk with Christ and educates them on the importance of their self-worth. She also writes a blog, Faithful Daughter, Wife and Mother which is dedicated to telling her journey of spiritual growth. Wendy shares her story because she believes that the past shaped her and helped her become the woman she is today. According to her, “the mistakes were a stepping stone in the right direction, the rejections were a blessing in disguise, the struggles built my character and the pain birthed my purpose. She is an amazing woman who is using her experiences to serve others. Listen as Wendy speaks about what it truly means to be a faithful daughter and how that leads to the blessing of being a wife and mother.


In this episode of DOZ Show, an amazing young woman, Ruva Ngundu, shares her beauty for ashes story. Several years ago, she was molested and became pregnant. It was not the life she had dreamt of and it was certainly not the life she wanted. It was an interruption to her dreams and plans and she cried to God to end the pregnancy but He didn’t and she became angry. She was angry at God, and angry at the one who had molested her. But she had no idea at the time that her experience would one day preserve an unborn life and give hope to several pregnant unwed women and single mothers…hope that it was not over, hope that they could have their lives back, bigger and better, if they would only return to God who has promised to build them up. This is not an episode to miss. Listen and be inspired to dream again and this time, bigger.


As a young girl Gee Patchett believed that the only way out of her home situation was to get married. She married at 16 and soon discovered that marriage was not the fairy tale she had read in books. For more than two decades that followed, she suffered many different forms of abuse in her personal life. In this Episode of DOZ Show she shares how her experience prepared her to work with survivors of sexual abuse. She is the founder of Transformation Powerhouse a ministry which is built on Christian principles to be a “Healing Centre”, empowering and supporting women and teenage girls who have been victims of sexual abuse. The aim of the Centre is to provide group and one to one support on-site. She believes that as a society we cannot continue to allow the issue of sexual abuse to be covered up. If you have suffered any form of abuse or adversity, Gee is living proof that you can turn it to gain and reach out to help others. Listen and be inspired to find purpose in your pain.


Toyin John is an ordained and anointed Minister of the Gospel, who brings a lot of energy and passion to everything that she does. In this episode of DOZ Show she passionately shares her vision of supporting individuals in their quest for excellence and peak performance. She talks about how people can move from talking about their dreams to actually doing something about them. She is a woman who has started and sustained several projects including PUSH Prayer Movement, a Prayer Ministry that consists of groups of dedicated Prayer Warriors in different nations, POWER UP, events held in various cities across America and internationally and PURPOSE ACTIVATION 2 REALIZATION training workshops, that aim at equipping the participants at different levels of their journey in life, to soar to new heights in their quest to fulfill their purpose. She is worth listening to and if you struggle with turning your dreams into reality, this is your show. Listen now and be inspired.


When Victoria Ibe learnt her son had been born with Down Syndrome, she was devastated. She asked God many questions, wanting to know what she had done wrong. Soon, she came to realise that having a child with special needs was not because of anything she had done wrong but because of the things God wanted her to do right. In this episode of DOZ Show, she speaks to Eturuvie Erebor about how the birth of her son changed her life for the better and led her to start Lovely Heritage Down Syndrome Charity which creates awareness about the challenges faced by children with special needs and their parents and promotes inclusion, not only for children with special needs but for all children. She is a woman who has turned her pain into gain and you can too. Listen to Victoria and be inspired. Adversity can work for you, every time.


This episode of DOZ Show is all about, Katrina McCain, a former Fashion Model who has been on TV, graced the pages of best-selling magazines such as Vogue and Italia, and cat walked on the runways of New York’s fashion A-list. She is founder and president of Pearls of Hope Outreach a women’s Bible study group that seeks to provide Godly and encouraging friendships and she is passionate about encouraging women of all ages to live for Jesus authentically. She is the director of Fashion Beyond Borders Charity Runway Show, an event created by Pearls of Hope. She is also author of the book, Beyond Being Good: Seeking Christ’s Perfection for Our Imperfect Hearts. She is a wife and mother. Katrina speaks on her career as a model and life after retirement. Be inspired.


Florence Agbugui speaks to Eturuvie Erebor about her daughter’s battle with and victory over Sickle Cell Disease, the family’s discovery of bone marrow transplant that provides a cure to the disease and her son’s willingness to be a bone marrow donor to give his sister a new lease of life. The story doesn’t end there though, as a family, they have decided to give back by creating awareness and raising funds for research through the Amanosi 5k Walk / Run held every year. Be inspired as you listen.


In this episode of DOZ Show, Wanda Jo Taylor talks to Eturuvie Erebor about her deliverance from a gay lifestyle. As a young girl, she liked to dress up in blue jeans, tee shirts, and tennis shoes. It was not a phase as some thought, because at 17, she came out to tell the world that she was gay and proud. For 30 years that followed, she lived like a man, attended gay clubs and parties, was a player and a pimp, and on crack cocaine. But her mother never ceased to pray for her, and after 30 years, Jesus stepped in and delivered her. Today, she takes the gospel to many who are in the homosexual lifestyle and her testimony has brought many to Christ. She has been on 700 Club to share her testimony and was featured in DOZ Magazine Issue 26 December 2017.


Nancy, also known as Joyful Praise, is the guest in this episode of DOZ Show. She is a worship leader, singer-songwriter and a recording artist. She was attracted to music at a very early age and began her music career at the age of six when she joined the children’s choir at her local church assembly. She is currently a gospel artist in high demand in Europe, America and Africa. She speaks to Eturuvie Erebor about her passion for music, the journey so far and how she juggles music, travel and family life. She reveals that everything happening in her life right now she dreamt it. She encourages the listeners to dream big dreams. Listen and be inspired.


Celeste Henderson is the guest in this episode of DOZ Show. She is the founder and director of The Sanctuary International Limited, a Christian organisation that seeks to restore, empower and release women into their God-given calling through brunches, retreats, conferences, mentoring and coaching. She speaks to Eturuvie Erebor about how she began the group nine years ago and what amazing impact it has had in the lives of women and in her life. According to her, when women are not fulfilling the purpose of God for their lives, the church is walking with a limp. Listen and be inspired to discover your God-given assignment.


We are talking about home, sweet, home, in this episode of DOZ Show and the guest is, Marilyn Smith; a wife, mother, nurse, writer and homemaker. She has been married for 48 years and brings to this chat her skills and experience as a homemaker. She shares with us what it means to be a godly homemaker and have a home that is pleasing to God and conducive for His presence. She also shares how she handles difficult house guests. And young ladies waiting to be married and dreaming of their new home will be intrigued to hear about Marilyn’s first home as a new bride and they may learn that in the beginning, things do not always go as we dreamed. This episode is full of fun, laughter, and words of wisdom and inspiration.


If you have seen the movie WAR ROOM and loved it, then you are going to love this episode of DOZ Show. Eturuvie Erebor has an exclusive chat with award-winning actress, storyteller, singer-songwriter and motivational speaker, Karen Abercrombie who played the 80-year-old prayer warrior, Miss Clara, in the Kendrick Brothers movie, WAR ROOM. She shares how she was selected for that role and how amazing opportunities have continued to open up for her afterwards. God brought her to the limelight at a time when she thought she would no longer be able to have big roles because of her age. Her story is a pointer to the fact that God has the final say. Be inspired as you listen.


This episode of DOZ Show features SUPER woman, Dr. Sheun Oke. She is a Wellness Apostle committed to helping women lose the excess weight and regain their body confidence. She is certain that a woman’s body confidence or lack of it will determine to a large extent, whether she succeeds or fails. This outstanding woman has helped thousands of women all over the world improve, enhance and elevate their lives, and thanks to her, women of all ages are discovering their power, passion, and capability to live the life of their dreams….Will you be one of them? Listen and be inspired.


If you are shy it has a direct impact on your ability to succeed, so says Buife Nomeh, the guest in this episode of DOZ Show. Buife is a Nigerian writer, speaker and coach with a strong passion for helping shy entrepreneurs and professionals. Her goal is to help them overcome shyness and position them as authorities in their fields. If you would like to overcome your shyness and become more confident then you need to listen to this episode and get all the motivation you require. Whatever your purpose is, you are well able, you have been equipped! People need you! No one can do it better than you! Be confident!


In this episode of DOZ Show, Eturuvie Erebor chats with Chiamaka Umeugoji, all the way from Nigeria. Chiamaka is a phenomenal young woman who established a business as an undergraduate and now uses profits from that business to empower jobless youths in Nigeria by teaching them a skill and providing them with funds to start a small business. Upon graduation from the university, she quickly discovered that a lot of youth were wasting away due to the high unemployment rate in the country and many were turning to drugs. She set up Proserfina Youth Foundation to give them hope, and so far, she has empowered one hundred young people and taken them out of the employment market and no doubt reduced crime and other vices the youth engage in when idle and unemployed. Working with the youth, especially those who are older than she is, has not been easy for her but seeing smiles on their faces when they begin a business, makes it all worthwhile for her. Hopefully, her story inspires some young woman out there to stop waiting on the government and start walking in their purpose.


Adrienne Hicks-Everett is the guest in this episode of DOZ Show. In July 2014, she was crowned Ms US Continental, an opportunity that opened doors for her to speak and teach youth about leadership, self-respect, confidence and focusing on their dreams. She believes that her life purpose is to impact the world and that being transparent about her past hurts, failures, and disappointments, help to empower encourage and inspire others to keep moving forward. She is the founder of Girls & Boys LIFE, a non-profit that is passionate about encouraging, inspiring and empowering people to accomplish their dreams. Adrienne believes that God has called each one of us for a purpose, and that our dreams are possible and obtainable regardless of the disappointments in life. She talks to Eturuvie Erebor about her work with young people and the fulfillment she derives from seeing lives transformed. If you think you’ve made too many mistakes and can no longer have your dreams, this is your show. Listen to Adrienne and be inspired to move forward.


In this episode of DOZ Show, Eturuvie Erebor chats with Kim White-Donaby. She is a southern Nashville, Tennessee, girl who considers herself a lady after God’s heart and a lady who wears many hats, including being a writer for a few Christian sites, co-hosting a ladies Bible class, volunteering with the homeless shelter, local women’s shelter, as well as giving an encouraging word to uplift. She shares her experience about helping women and how much fulfilment it brings her. She also gives an encouraging word to listeners who may be weary and downcast.


Vernel Edwards is an Evangelist, Psalmist, Song writer and Poet. She is also a Health Life Coach helping individuals with spiritual, physical and mental development to receive God’s kingdom. Many years ago, she felt a marble like lump in her breast and a visit to the doctor led to a cancer diagnosis and a recommendation that she begin chemotherapy immediately. The doctors were shocked when Vernel turned down chemotherapy. In her opinion, chemotherapy is toxic and she didn’t want to introduce it into her body. She opted to use herbal treatment as she believes that before God made man, God made everything man would need. Eighteen months later, she was cancer free and has remained so for over a decade. In this episode of DOZ Show she shares her story and what she did to get well, in the hopes of inspiring other women who may have received a cancer diagnosis.


Angela Lewis-Wright is a woman with an inspiring story and she shares this with us in this episode of DOZ Show. At over 60 years of age and as a retiree Angela landed a modelling and filming contract. Her story is a pointer to the fact that we are never too old to pursue our dreams or to dream again or to start afresh. When we think life is over, it may just be starting. Listen and be inspired to find purpose and walk in it despite your age.


In this episode, Eturuvie Erebor chats with Angela McDowell Baines. Angela is a mother of three children and grandmother of six adorable grandchildren. She has overcome many life challenges including poverty and sexual abuse to become a successful business woman. After marriage and three children, she returned to school to pursue her dreams and earned a Bachelors of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance, graduating Cum Laude. To this achievement she adds an induction into the Alpha Kappa MU Honour Society, Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges and she was Vice President of the Business Students Association. In 2013 she put her business degree to further use by helping her husband establish a successful ornamental metal manufacturing and installation company and this is in addition to being a successful business owner herself. She believes that women have much more to offer the world than being wives and mothers. She has proved this in her life and she reiterates this on the show, as she calls women to emulate the Proverbs 31 Woman.


This episode features another inspirational interview, and the guest is Hope LeNoir. Hope is the founder of Rise and Fly LLC, a business that helps professionals advance personally and professionally in their careers. As a woman who has embraced several career journeys herself, Hope is able to relate with her clients experiences and help them achieve greater professional results. She shares with listeners three powerful strategies to help them rise from the ashes and fly in 2018! This is not a show to miss.


In this episode of DOZ Show, Eturuvie Erebor and Yolanda Schlabach discuss sex trafficking, as Yolanda uncovers the reality of sex trafficking in the State of Delaware and reveals the process by which young girls are lured and trapped. Listen now.


Many Christians recognise the devil as an enemy but unfortunately they do not recognise fear as an enemy, but it is. It kills, it destroys, it steals from us, and keeps us from living fulfilled lives and becoming all God intended for us to be. In this episode, Eturuvie Erebor chats with Betty Parker about fear and the strategies for overcoming fear and living a victorious life. Listen now


In this episode of the show, Eturuvie Erebor chats with Dr. Aday Adetosoye, a woman with a strong passion for children, and one who has dedicated her life to working with vulnerable children in Africa orphaned due to HIV/AIDS. Aday shares her inspiring story of losing her first pregnancy and then being advised by doctors to terminate the second pregnancy because they were certain the baby would be born with Down Syndrome. In her darkest hour, Aday turned to God and cut a deal with Him. What was the deal and did God come through for her? She shares this and much more.


In this episode, Cynthia Wilson James chats to Eturuvie Erebor about getting married for the first time at the age 40 and going on the conceive naturally and have two beautiful healthy daughters at ages 42 and 44. During the birth of her daughters, she made two important discoveries, one, that the population of first time mums over 35 is growing in the US and two, most healthcare providers offer little or no positive information or support for older expectant mums. She founded Inseasonmom to bridge this gap and her goal is to ease the fear of the first-time expectant mum and to dispel misconceptions about giving birth after 35. Her life and work inspire Christian women to wait patiently for their season of marriage knowing that the Bible gives no age limit to marriage and it is possible to conceive naturally and have healthy babies after 40.


When Ria was 12, her father told her that she was God’s gift to him so that he would not commit adultery and for 7 years that followed, he sexually abused her. In this Episode, Ria Story chats with Eturuvie Erebor about life with a father who forced her to play the role of wife, even giving her a wedding ring, and how he shared her with other men. Ria ran away from home at the age of 19; she had no job, no money and no high school diploma. She worked two jobs and went to school a night. Ten years down the line she had an MBA and the life she always wanted. She shares her story of resilience, determination and God’s redemption to inspire other women.


Jennifer Workman is a woman who wears many different hats. She is an inspirational writer and speaker, a song writer, a screenplay writer, an editor and proofreader with her own writing service and a producer and host of an online show. She is also an evangelist who volunteers with a prison ministry, and the list goes on. In this episode she chats with Eturuvie Erebor about her work as a writer, her newest book and how she uses her different gifts to serve others, plus how she juggles the diferent hats that she wears.


In this episode of DOZ Show, Tara Denning chats with Eturuvie Erebor about life as a missionary, the challenges, dangers of working with drug addicts, prostitutes and the homeless, and of course the rewards of seeing them come to Christ. Following the death of her first husband, God called Tara to give away everything she owned and move to Hope City to serve the homeless. There, she met and married Paul Denning and together, they serve as missionaries associated with the International House of Prayer and Hope City in Kansas City, Missouri. Her obedience to God and commitment to find purpose and walk in it, will inspire you.


In this maiden episode of DOZ Show, Eturuvie Erebor interviews Mary Alison Momoh. From the young age of four, Mary was attracted to singing and fancied herself a singer. She is now living her dream and has just released her second album. She talks about how she got started, the challenges she has faced and overcome and the fulfilment she derives from pursuing God’s purpose for her life. She also wows listeners by doing an Acapella. This episode not only stimulates women to pursue purpose but it motivates them to keep pursuing their dreams against all odds.