DOZ Live

DOZ Live Inspirational Event, known as DOZ Live, is an offshoot of DOZ Show, which is an offshoot of DOZ Magazine. The purpose of DOZ Live, which is also the purpose of DOZ Show and DOZ Magazine is to use the story of one woman to inspire and empower other women, to discover their God-given purpose, to rise from the ashes, bounce back from adversity, find meaning amidst their trials or just live life to the fullest. However, the mode of delivery for DOZ Live significantly differs from DOZ Show and DOZ Magazine. With the audio and print interviews, listeners/readers do not have a chance to ask their questions, and the guests interviewed do not have an opportunity to tell their story as they see fit. It is controlled. Hence the decision to create another platform where the guests-turned-speakers would share their story their way using it to inspire and empower the audience and the audience would get a chance to interact with the speakers and ask questions that are unique to them and their situation. And so DOZ Live Inspirational Event was born. The maiden edition held on the 20th of April 2019. The DOZ Show / DOZ Magazine guests became speakers and told their stories as they saw fit without being confined by a set of questions. The listeners / readers became a live audience, and they had a chance to engage with the speakers and ask questions of their own. Neither party was restricted or limited. This is the vision of DOZ Live.

A big thank you to Shai Dolev Photography and Leyza Films for capturing and making available the highlights of DOZ Live – Dream Again (14th December 2019).